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This is the Reepham Community Web Site

Reepham is a small market town in Norfolk, England some 12 miles North West of Norwich.

  This page last edited 1/4/2012

The Reepham town sign, installed June 1992. It shows a group of three of everything - churches, villagers, farm labourers, sheep, lambs, and "sisters". The design is the work of our local High School. All elements are based upon the myth that three sisters were responsible for building a church each! But, in fact, the medieval churches (all three in the same churchyard) were built over a span of several generations. One was burnt down in the Great Fire of Reepham 1543, so, except for a derelict part wall and some graves, only two remain. 


The new Booton parish sign. (Booton is next door to Reepham.) Also pictured are residents Lorna Gray and Derek Harding. Derek designed the sign - representing Booton church and Booton Common. The common, managed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, is a "Site of Special Scientific Interest" of international importance because of its unique wetland habitat providing a home for a variety of flora and fauna. Thus the sign shows a dragon fly and snails! The church too is of special interest. It is a Victorian pastiche of decorated, perpendicular and gothic styles, with touches of pre-Raphaelite and oriental detail! 



What is this web site about?

This is a community web site sponsored by the Reepham Society for the town of Reepham and surrounding parishes. Its purpose is to maintain an up-to-date source of Society and community information. It will grow as more local groups supply data; as more aspects are introduced or expanded, and as more people become accustomed to using the internet and consequently offer suggestions of items for inclusion. It is NOT a commercial venture, being funded solely by the Society. Its use is restricted to similar local non commercial bodies such as charities and educational institutions, and for local authority and public services announcements.


The site's lay out is as follows


  • "Reepham Society" This group of pages focuses on aspects of Reepham Society business. It is the starting point for  reading about the Society. The introductory page offers a brief description of what the Society is, its aims and objectives, and a few comments about, and pictures of the town of Reepham. Subordinate pages cover:




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